Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What's on my work desk this wonderful Wednesday?

Well, we're now getting to the pointy end of the year and for some bizarre reason, I had signed up for 3 largish swaps and a couple of smaller ones...and with one day left, I think I've got them all done!! Yippee!

I've already posted about the Christmas book that I did for a swap with a group in the US...hopefully it isn't far from arriving on that country's fine shores.

A couple of local swaps entailed making a calendar for 2012 using quirky/sassy sayings for the pages.  This was to be created in an A7 format.  Unfortunately only 6 people signed up, so we have decided to do 2 months each, to make up what should have been 12 people.

So, here are my two pages.  I selected the months of April (which when my birthday falls) and August (that of my husband).  Genevieve, our host can decide which month will be which, but here is month 1.

Do not distrub!

This was then followed by:

Everyone seems normal!

I was also lucky enough to attend a workshop run by Jen Crossley at Scraptive where I made, from scratch, an etched metal book and learnt how to bind pages (signatures) into a book.  After a bit of agonising when things went a bit awry I was happy with my final truly personalise my book, I managed to etch my thumb print onto the metal cover.

Front view

This was supposed to be the side view, but for some reason every time I try to flip it, it disappears off the page!

The final activity I've been working on has been a monthly swap for my paperarts group.  This month's theme was "Mother's sage advice", so the ATC had to have images and quotes that fit this here is my interpretation...

Mother's Sage Advice...some pretty good advice to live up to, I reckon!

I apologise to some of you regular followers who may also be part of paperarts and I've spoilt the surprise of what this month's ATC might look like, but I'm sure you won't mind too much.

Well, I guess that is enough for this post, I can't believe I've been able to create so much in such a limited amount of time...and my studio is almost there, so next blog might have a picture of my new working the moment I'm using two different areas, one in the house and the other in the garage (which will ultimately be my studio) watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by again.  See you next time.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What's happening this fine Wednesday?

I never thought going back to full-time work was going to be so tiring after practically 9 months of being on leave!  I have 3 swaps that I'm involved in that are due in the next couple of weeks (with one due in the US by Dec 3) and I have FINALLY finished the Christmas Book pages for the ATT yahoo group.

I made 23 of the following pages and I will receive back a book containing 23 pages from 22 other players (plus mine). Here is what I finally came up with.  I hope the other players like the page I created.

Front of the page

Back of the page

I'm still working on setting up my studio...hopefully I will get time tomorrow to take a photo and upload it for you to see.

Well, that's it for tonight.  Thanks for stopping by.

PS...Happy Thanksgiving to all my US family and friends for tomorrow!


Friday, 4 November 2011

Trying hard to sort out my Studio/Study/Craft room

I can't believe I've been back from the US 5 weeks already!!! And 5 weeks later, I'm still trying to sort out my Study/Craft room.  My wonderful husband has bought me a piece of furniture (a buffet hutch really) that we have set up in the back garage, which will soon become my Studio.  We just have to wait until he gets his new shed, so that we can move all his stuff out of the garage, so that it then will house my car and my craft stuff.

I've been busily trying to finish some of the swaps (Australian and International) that I signed up for earlier this year and since my return.  I also have started my first task as Co-moderator of the Paperarts Yahoo group. I am in the process of sending out the first returns...Spooky House ATCs...I will post a picture here of the swap, but I must first get the permission of the other players.

I also participated in a Spooky Microscope Slide swap with the Paperarts 3 pictures showing the front, inside and back of my contribution.  I hope Glenda, the recipient of my efforts will like the finish product.

I had lots of fun making this...I've never done a Mixed Media swap, so it was a learning curve for me, but also lots of fun.

I have to take a photo of my new studio "workstation" and post it for you to see.

Well, that's enough for now...must go and get creating.  I will update this blog later today when I will post some more photos.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.