Thursday, 6 October 2011

I'm back for galvanting around the country side!

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm back from my overseas jaunt.  I had a fantastic time catching up with so many of my US relatives and I think the highlights this time around would have to be New York (the whole place...what a city), Niagra Falls and for those of you into rock and roll music, the Foo Fighters concert in Cleveland on September 20...what a show!

Another highlight, craft related, would have to be the bargains to be had with a strong Australian dollar and the fantastic prices over in the US for arts and craft supplies...I did most of my shopping at Michaels with a visit to Jo Anns...I only wish I had more space in my suitcase (and more money)!!!  I knew I shouldn't have packed so many clothes, many of which never saw daylight outside my

Here are a couple of photos of my booty...some stuff had to stay in the US, to arrive home at some later date as there was no more room in my suit case.

I also had some master classes with my Aunt who showed me how to knit socks and a beanie (hat) is what I made...not bad for a first attempt, though I think one of the socks is longer than the other...and if you look at the second image, one could double as a jock

Well I guess I'd better get back to my study/craft room and sort things out and find homes for all my to make artzy stuff with them all!!

Finally, here is proof of my Foo Fighter concert outing...had a blast...Love Dave Grohl!! (but love my husband more!!! lol)

Until next time,