Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I've been a busy little beaver!

Well, on Monday I decided to pull my finger out and actually make some here is my latest effort.  You will notice that one stamp got a bit of a run.  Hopefully today, I will make some more.

This is the Father of Invention....I used this image a few more times and produced a couple of different effects.

Let me introduce to you....the famous Mister K!

Everyone needs a Wingman.

This next one I made using modelling paste...I decided to imprint into the paste and the use the negative image as the basis of my ATC...I then accidently dropped it in water and the colours ran...but I then layered other colours and, well, I think it worked out ok.

Hence, I called this one Negative.

Here are some that don't use the previous stamp:

I just love these holiday poster images. Vacanza.

This is an example of recycling images...I called her Anastasia.

This ATC started life very different to how it started...I think it went through 3 evolutions before its final form.

Anyhow, I must go now as I will blow my monthly internet data if I don't upload this soon...I guess that's what happens when you start!  Hope this blog was easier to read. ;-D

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Just some of my previously made (and swapped) ATCs

Just a taste of some of the techniques I learnt by attending classes taught by Kelsey O'Mullane at Scraptivate. Check out Kelsey's blog KO...OK (look at who I follow).

Some of the ATCs I made for the Online ATC group luncheon at Parramatta Leagues Club

Well, thanks to Roslyn, I've managed to work out how to upload images.  These are just some of the emails I made Sunday morning to swap with the ladies attending the Online ATC group's luncheon at the Parramatta Leagues Club.  As I only had 13 backing matting boards, I only managed to make 13 to swap, in return I now have 14 (2 from Sandra D) very different and beautiful ATCs.  As I have limited resources here at the moment, my ATCs are very simple in nature but post some of my favourite ones I've made over the past 2 years.  I managed to get my hands on some free matt board offcuts from a very nice gentleman at a picture framing business out at Castle Hill now, look out, I can start making some more ATCs...I just have to cut the board to size.  I will try to find out the business name so that I can give him a free plug.  That's all I've got for today (in terms of a blog).  I will try to upload some more pix, and thank you so much the 5 ladies who have decided to start following my blog.  Until next time. Cheers, A. :-D

Monday, 16 May 2011

Check out some of my ATCs on Flickr

My Flickr

Day 2 (of many I hope)

Here I am, totally amazed that so many people have checked out my blog on Day 1 (in less than 24 hours since I set the blog up), not to mention the 3 followers I already have.  I guess the pressure is on me now to try and upload some images and make my blog look more "blog-like".  I know of people who blog daily and others that blog fortnightly...I need to find my own blog time, I'm thinking maybe a weekly blog...'cause I don't think my life is that exciting or busy enough for daily blogs, plus, I don't want to put my followers  So, in the next few days, after I've worked out how to upload things, I will commence my weekly (perhaps fortnightly) blogs.  I will try to put up a link to my flickr account so that you can look at the ATCs I've already created since 2009.  Thanks for visiting. ;-D

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My first official blog!

Well, I've decided to jump in feet first and start up a blog to share my Artist Trading Cards and other forms of art that I've been learning and creating over the past 18 years!!!  I would like to thank my ATC friends Sandra and Roslyn, who gave me the know-how and the encouragement to start up this blog.  As a newbie to this form of social networking, I will have to learn how to post images of my work and what I've been up to of late...hopefully, those of you who are my friends or who are similar-minded when it comes to art will visit this page, and perhaps sometimes add a comment or two.

Enough waffling for now.  Until next time. :-D