Monday, 12 September 2011

Blogging all the way from the USA

It has been ages since I managed to blog about what I've been up to.  Well, by the end of August I needed to do three really important things...1.  Finish my Steampunk swap for my Paperarts group...check; 2. Finish my 20 "red" pages for my Collaborative Book for my Boomerang Stampers List group...check and 3. Depart for the USA...check.

Well needless to say I got them all done (I was sticking 1 and 2 onto SSAE at 7:10 am on Wednesday 31 August as I was heading out to catch the taxi to the airport).  A special thank you must go to my husband who popped the envelopes into the mail for me later that day.

Today has been a monumental day for my sister, my niece and I who together with 37 or so members of my mother's family managed to have a fantastic family reunion at Mayfield Heights Park in Cleveland Ohio.

Unfortunately I have no photos to post at this stage of either my two most recent swaps, or of the 5 extra scarves I've knitted or of our family reunion of today...but once I'm back home I will be posting some photos.

Must be off to bed now, as tomorrow morning we're off to Niagra Falls (on the USA side).

Until next time....