Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No idle hands here!

I've been doing a bit of everything these past few days, both knitting and stamping.  I've now completed about 9 "ruffley" scarves in about 3 weeks or so, plus complete 1 basic one and have started (but have left for about 2 1/2 weeks) another.

I'm also trying to keep on top of all the swaps that I've crazily put my hand up this week I've started work on my contribution towards the Boomerang Stampers Collaborative book that is due August 31...but as most of my resources are back home (and I'm only going home for 4 days in about 3 weeks time) I have decided to start part of it here, before I work on the bulk of it at home and then compile it here on my return...Confused yet?  I don't blame you. But here is phase 1 of my page, it will be part of the focal point of my page.  I have selected my favourite colour of course...

Life is the Art

Now, that it is all that I will reveal as I don't want to spoil the page for anyone who is involved in the swap...I don't want to kill the anticipation of getting the Collaborative Book for the participants.

And now the scarves...I really love these scarves... a dear friend has encouraged me to make them as after I made one for her, her work colleagues said that they loved it and would love to buy I am busily making them, some for me, some for my friends and some for sale...If you want one, just let me know and I'll let you know how much.

Here are the latest batch:

 I don't know why Blogger keeps putting this photo in, landscape rather than profile...but I guess it is just a quirk.

Today I will start work on a Steampunk swap for the Paperarts group I'm in, but as I don't have access to a printer here, I have to head off to the local library to print off my images so that I can get a start on this swap.

On the issue of Paperarts@yahoogroups, I've bravely put my hand up to co-moderate this group as the current owners/moderators are moving in a different direction in their lives and asked for group members who might want to take over the administration of this group.  I have got HUGE shoes to fill, but I am very excited about working with Lucy, who will be the owner/ co-moderator...we will be taking over from Barb and Bevlea in, how's that for jumping in at the deep end...I am really excited about it, but there is a bit of trepidation as I am aware that the group has many, very talented members...I know I have their support, but it is scary all the same.

These women are very talented, so do yourself a favour (in the words of Ian "Molly" Meldrum) and check out their blogs.

Well, I don't have much else to show or say at the moment, so until next time....

Friday, 8 July 2011

Another Wednesday Post On A Friday

Well, here I am again...second post in two days but I am so excited about the ATC swap I am currently working on that I thought I would share it with you all.  This swap is called "Altered Magazine Face".  The aim of the swap was to find pictures of people (not necessarily famous) and to modify the picture such as to change the appearance of the person.  You could change the appearance such as to totally change the look of the person to make them unrecognisable, but I thought I would do it in such a way that the person could be identified.

This for me is a big shift from the sort of ATCs I normally create, so I jumped in with a bit of trepidation...after having asked for advice from some artists whose work I really respect and admire (and actually use to inspire what I do).

So firstly I will post the raw images (some with only a couple of modifications) effect, all I had done was add white gesso to the matt board and also used it to adhere the image to the board.

Raw Form

As I worked, I wasn't happy with the 3rd image on the top row, so this morning I decided to give it the "old heave ho" and replaced it with a picture of Emma Watson.

So, after many hours of pottering around with each ATC...this is what I finally came up with:

The Final Product

Now to compare each ATC one after the other:

Sir Leo


Panda Eyes

The Courtesan


Brittney Does Alice

I have no raw form of Emma Watson because I was in such a hurry to replace the young boy that I decided was not going to make the grade.

Princess Emma

I guess that is enough for this post as I have stacks more ATC swaps I need to get onto.

So, until next time…thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

3 Letter ATC Swap

Today was spent trying to get a start on (and finish) an ATC swap I decided to sign up with the "Artist Trading Card" yahoo group that I am in.  The requirement of the swap was to create a 3 sets of 3 ATCs each creating a 3 letter word. So after some consideration and a review of the resources I had at hand I decided on the following three words: SEA, SKY and ART.

So here is what I eventually came up with:




Well, that's about it for to get ready for a dinner date with my husband!!!
Until next time.